Stampin Up’s Calling All [Super] Hero’s Mini Journals

As soon as I saw the Calling All Hero’s photopolymer set by Stampin Up I knew i had to have it!!  I had so many ideas on what to do with it – and i loved that it worked for both boys AND girls.

My friend Eric and his two best friends make an annual pilgrimage to the Fan Expo (Comic Con) in Toronto every year.  It’s HUGE and there is SO much to see.  So I thought it would be cool to make them a memento that would be as practical as it was cool. (At least I thought so anyway :P)

And the mini craft journals project began.  I started planning weeks before and used scraps of computer paper to test layouts – I think I tried about 6 different designs before I came up with this one.  I just love that this set is  photopolymer!! Being completely transparent I was able to position the letters perfectly without having to use a position-er or make costly mistakes!

Here is the finished journals – I made one for each of them and personalized it with their names.  I included pop rocks and candy with them in the package when I sent them too.


Calling All Hero's Mini Journal by Wendie Bee of Stamp Right Up

Calling All Hero’s Mini Journal by Wendie Bee of Stamp Right Up

Here’s the best part – you can make these too!! It was easy once I knew the layout – just needed one stamp set and two basic ink colors!

Here is a list of what I used – and don’t forget you can shop online 2-4-7 by clicking on any of the links.

Comic Con Fax Expo Mini Craft Journal Project supplies list:

Calling All Hero’s photopolymer stamp set

Memento Black Ink

Real Red Ink

Mini Craft Grid Journals

5 thoughts on “Stampin Up’s Calling All [Super] Hero’s Mini Journals

    • Comi Con is short for “Comic Convention” – another name for the Fan Expo that I talked about in the post. It’s a colloquialism. That and comic wouldn’t fit in the bubble 😜

      • My husband attends the Con every year as a pro, but I hadn’t realized it was also referred to by this name. Interesting! Thank you for sharing.

        Those stamps are too cute! Thankfully my sister-in-law is a demo; I will definitely need to hunt her down for this set; thanks!

      • No, as an artist! He actually did the cover for the con a few years back. We go every year; it’s always a blast.

        Incidentally, there is a link to his blog on the side panel of my home page. Check it out if you get a minute.

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