So you want to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator

Did you know that Stampin Up! has been around for over 25 years?!  I did not even know about it until November 2012 when I met a demo at a craft fair who was selling their finished works.  She gave me a catalogue and I was hooked!! I poured over the book for DAYS.  Literally! It was like I was a kid again combing through the Consumers Distributing book for Christmas toys! When I spoke to the demo on the phone, she told me about being a ‘demontrator’.  I didn’t realize it’s not as easy as it sounds.

First:  Do you want to be a demonstrator?
Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have at least three people who I know I could rally up once a month to do a ‘make & take’ demo class with?
  2. Would these people be willing to spend $25 per person to participate?

When I first signed up I did NOT know at least 3 people, but I thought I would save tons of money so I signed up as a demonstrator anyway.

(Now here’s some info most demo’s WONT tell you)

However, to be absolutely honest, the discount is only 20%, then you have to add shipping and taxes. Which eats up the discount… THEN you have to sell your quota – it’s around $400 every three months. So unless you have the money to buy that much every quarter yourself, here are some things you might want to consider to ensure you will be a successful demonstrator:

1. Buying items that you know you could mass produce some cards & sell the finished cards to stores, cafes, friends etc.

2. Hold an event – either a group or one time event. Create three items to make at the event. If you have people register in advance and give a deposit you can then buy the items you will need

3. Sign up when there is an incentive promotion for new recruits. I signed up when there was a free set of ink pads (the whole set!). Then place a one time order and stock up, and if you can place another order then yay, but if not, at least you have some goodies added to your crafting creation tool repertoire!

Other things to consider if you’re going to sign up as a demonstrator:

  1. How close to you live to your “upline” (the person who signed you up)
    This is CRUCIAL – there is SOOO much to learn, even for a seasoned crafter – that it really helps having your upline accessible to you
  2. Ask your potential upline HOW they will support you.
    What I provide:
    * Monthly meetings to check in on progress.
    * Extensive advise on what to include in your starter kit
    * Examples of items to demo in classes
    * Access to my resource list of references for designing & techniques (Hundreds of hours of research)
    * Support with creating a social media presence – including twitter, blog creation & maintenance, and creations & maintenance of a Facebook page

I continue to work with Stampin Up because I LOVE to craft & create.  I love it when I meet new people – and getting together you always learn from each other!  New techniques = new inspiration, which = lots of fun projects to make  🙂

There is SO MUCH I didn’t know when I signed up, that I wish I did.  Hopefully this has helped you, and maybe clarified some questions for you.  Feel free to contact me anytime if you too have been ‘orphaned’ by your upline, no matter WHERE you are, I will do whatever I can to help you out.

I would love to hear *your* experience – good or bad! Comment below  😀