You Brighten My Day!

Thanks to Mary from Waynesboro Pennsylvania, I got to spend hours in my craft room doing what I love, and getting paid to do it!!  Seriously, can you think of a better scenario?!

Mary purchased a set of 10 “You Brighten My Day”  cards from my Etsy store   Sunday night.  This was my first custom request and I was thrilled to bits!

Here is a picture of the lot.. .well, 6 of the 10 anyway.  (I couldn’t fit all 10 into my photo box :P)

You Brighten My Day Card

You Brighten My Day Card – wholesale order

It sure was a learning curve!! I thought it would be easy peasy to recreate a card… was I mistaken!!  Thank GOODNESS for my uber talented loving boyfriend who is a trained artist AND graphic designer AND marketing guru… He helped me devise a formula to create a ‘template’ to ensure that all my cards were fairly consistent.  We sketched out a rough template onto a blank card then went over it with a sharpie.  He gave me his light box which I used to place the template underneath the blank card and that gave me visual guidelines to know where to stamp each fruit, and where to place the sentiment.

Before he showed me this awesome way to make a template, I had gone through FIVE cards, each of which I ended up recycling!  *doh*  I was also being hasty and got over zealous and just started stamping  >_<

I created a custom tag (which I will be posting in a day or two) and tied the lot together with orange bakers twine.  The package was as cute as the cards!!!  I even stamped a lemon lime and orange onto the front of the parcel by her address.  Hopefully she is as happy with her purchase as I am for making it!


Until next time stampers!


* Your comments & feedback are always welcome and appreciated, so don’t be shy!! *

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