Accidental Crafter: Washi Tape & Circle Punch Straw Container

So I use a lot of straws. I drink from a tumbler with a lid (like from starbucks): it stays cold longer, and if I spill in my craft room, it does not ruin… well, everthing 😛

Today I went to go get a straw, and had, as usual, a struggle with the dang box. I either can’t get any straws out, or a whole pile of them come flying out when I tap the box to loosen one out :\

So, the save myself the peril of throwing straws all over for the floor for the last time, I turned to my handy circle punch and grabbed my favorite roll of washi tape.  All I did was punch a hole in the lid of the  box, then sealed it shut with my washi tape.  And BAM – easy peasy DIY streaw dispenser.

Crazy crafter wins the straw battle.


Wendie Bee_Stamp Right Up_life hack_pinterest_Straw dispenser_washi Tape

Wendie Bee_Stamp Right Up ~ Life hack Straw dispenser with a circle punch & washi Tape

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