Adventure #1: Waiting for the UPS driver

Why is it that when you’re eagerly awaiting a package it always is the last one on the delivery route?! *giggle* I swear, I was checking the door to my apartment, and the foyer entrance door every half an hour to make sure I didn’t miss the driver somehow. Pacing to the window and everything!! It was kind of funny in a crazy way now that I look back on it. >_<

I got the box and ripped it open, it was like Christmas!! I immediately started tinkering with what I had gotten.

Using the “Kindness Matters” stamp set, I made this really pretty butterfly card.  I must give credit to Tami White for the inspiration and tips on how to use clear mount stamps. You can view her video tutorial here:

It was her tip on how to..ahem… “separate” (cut)  :O clear mount stamps so that you can use single images.   That is how I was able to stamp the butterflies vertically.


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